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Welcome to the End of Tourism podcast. This is a project about the deep causes and consequences of tourism, wanderlust, spectacle, exile. It is an invitation into the local resistance and resilience movements in the face of each of these things.

For many, tourism has become more lifestyle than luxury, often indistinguishable from life itself. Through dialogue and dangerous questions, we seek to bypass the bullshit and deepen the nuance in the conversations surrounding this wanderlust.

These interviews court a path towards “a world where many worlds fit” and feed each other. We invite you to join us, to listen, to sit in solidarity with other worlds (and ones yet to come).

For a slice of our principles and themes, check out our Season Zero mini-episodes, starting with Dispatches from the Resistance.

Your Host

Chris Christou is a writer, educational curator, and activist. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2015 after a decade of delirious wanderlust. In 2016, Chris began concurrently working in and writing about the tourism industry, founding Oaxaca Profundo, a deep learning organization focused on food culture and radical hospitality. In 2021, alongside friends and strangers, he organized and launched the End of Tourism Podcast.

He is the author of a book of poetry entitled the Black Braid of Memory, as well as forthcoming books on the psychedelic culture, the unauthorized history of tourism, and radical hospitality. Finally, he is a student of all things chocolate and cacao-related.

Your host, Chris Christou, holding a microphone and speaking to an audience.

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