Dispatches, Stories, and Essays on a Touristed World

S2: Turismo de Reconocimiento

Honrando las posibilidades que trae el turismo, aprendiendo sus consecuencias conquistadoras

Membership in the End of Tourism: An Invitation

You Are Cordially Invited to Dive Deeper into the Resistance

Anthropologists and Tourists: A Sibling Rivalry

A forgotten kinship between two types of people can help us to understand who we are and our place as people of consequence in foreign worlds.

Wear A Fucking Mask, Gringo

In these times, seeing travel as freedom is an escape that blinds from what is being asked of us.

How We Got To The Beach / How We Became Tourists

Below the beach vacation lies the story of how we became tourists and how we can't remove that from how we became exiles.

The Return of Tourism: Home

While international quarantine began to expose our wandering mythos, tourists doubled down on it.

The Return of Tourism: Away

While national borders were closed for most of last year, wanderlust swelled. The quarantine and confinement gave people good reason to dream of anywhere but here.

There is No Such Thing as Overtourism

There is no such thing as overtourism. There is just tourism and our ability (or lack thereof) to suffer it.
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