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S4 #6

Decoding Degrowth & Boosterism in the Balearics w/ Macia Blazquez

On this episode of The End of Tourism Podcast, my guest is Macià Blázquez-Salom, a professor at the University of the Balearic Islands, who specializes in the Geography of Tourism, Territorial Planning, Sustainability and Degrowth. He utilizes his teaching and research activity in the environmental movement (and vice versa), and through his activism in the Grupo Balear de Ornitología y Defensa de la Naturaleza (GOB) and Alba Sud.

"The result is that we are behaving in an unsustainable way. And instead of degrowth, what we are going to have is recession without warning, directly to the collapse." - Macia Blasquez

Show Notes

Macia’s Journey in the Balearics

The Beginning of Mass Tourism through Currency Devaluation

Contradictions in Mallorca

Cocoon Tourism in Spain

You Want to Work in the Balearics, You Have to Sleep in a Tent

Boosterism and Green Boosterism

Degrowth Definitions and Contradictions

Imagining Other Modes of Travel

Imagining Other Modes of Resistance



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