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S5 #4

Hillwalking & Homecoming in the Highlands w/ Christos Galanis

On this episode, my guest is Christos Galanis, a friend and scholar who recently completed his PhD in Cultural Geography from The University of Edinburgh where his research centered on themes of displacement and memorial walking practices in the Highlands of Scotland. A child of Greek political refugees on both sides of his family, Christos' work looks at ways in which ceremony and ritual might afford us the capacity to integrate disconnection from place and ancestry. Further, his research into pre-modern Gaelic Highland culture reveals animistic relationship with mountains which disrupt easy definitions of colonialism and indigeneity.

"Even though you never leave [your ancestral home], having so many of your people leave actually kind of compromises the ability to stay where you are, and to be connected to where you are." - Christos Galanis

Show Notes

Summoning and Summiting a Doctorate

The British Empire & Everest

The Three Roots of Freedom

Hillwalkers and Homecoming

The Consequences of Staying and Leaving

The Romans Make a Desert and Call it Peace

Farming Emptiness

Landscapes as Mediums

Ritualized Acts of Walking



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