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S3 #7

On Travel Writing and Colonial Spells | Bani Amor

My guest on this episode is Bani Amor, a genderqueer travel writer who explores the relationships between race, place, and power. They’re a four-time Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation fellow with work in CNN Travel, Fodor’s, and AFAR, among others, and in the anthology Outside the XY: Queer Black andBrown Masculinity

In our discussion we look to travel writing as a narrative that underpins colonialism and the identity crisis that it desperately needs. We consider contemporary social media travelogues, the limits to decoloniality and tourism greenwashing, spiritual or psychedelic tourism, what subversive travel writing looks like and what travel writing looks like at home.

You should never Google "how to travel ethically." You should look up what's happening with the politics there or the activists there and do they fucking want you to come at all? - Bani Amor

Show Notes

Bani’s Travels and Family Movements

Travelling “back” to Ecuador

Travel Writing is the Narrative that Underpins Colonialism

Social Media Travelogues: The Same old Shit

Decolonial Tourism

Travel Writing Needs an Identity Crisis

What Subversive Travel Writing Looks Like

Appropriating and Greenwashing Decoloniality in Tourism

Can Tourism be Reformed?

Spiritual / Psychedelic Tourism


You Can’t Outrun Home, You Can’t Outrun Privilege

Travel Writing Through a Local Lens



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