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S3 #1

On Finding Home in the Ruins | Dougald Hine (A School Called HOME)

On this, the first episode of Season 3: Invocations, my guest is Dougald Hine, a social thinker, writer and speaker. After an early career as a BBC journalist, he co-founded organisations including the Dark Mountain Project and a school called HOME. He has collaborated with scientists, artists and activists, serving as a leader of artistic development at Riksteatern (Sweden’s national theatre) and as an associate of the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University. His latest book is At Work in the Ruins: Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics & All the Other Emergencies (2023). He co-hosts The Great Humbling podcast and publishes a Substack called “Writing Home.”

Here, we discuss Dougald’s travels (from Oaxaca to Sweden), his new book At Work in the Ruins, the missing links in the climate change discussion, flightshaming or flygskam, the quality of culture, Gustavo Esteva’s "turnings" and hospitality, money and 500 years of abuse, becoming an immigrant in a Swedish pandemic, the Uzbek Storyteller and A School Called Home. Enjoy!

It's not about sustaining the ways of living of the Western middle classes. It's about negotiating the surrender of these ways of living. - Dougald Hine

Show Notes

Dougald’s Travels from Oaxaca to Sweden

At Work in the Ruins

The Missing Links in the Climate Change Discussion

Flightshaming or Flygskam and Sustainability

The Quality of Culture

Gustavo Esteva’s Turnings and Hospitality

Money and 500 Years of Abuse

Becoming an Immigrant in a Swedish Pandemic

The Uzbek Storyteller and What it Means to be a Teacher

A School Called Home, The Book Tour, and Black Elephant



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