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S3 #5

Hacking the Housing Crisis | Murray Cox (Inside Airbnb)

My guest on this episode is Murray Cox, a multidisciplinary Australian-American artist and activist based in Newburgh NY, who uses visual, audio, spatial and data storytelling to explore themes of economic and racial equity and to fight for housing justice and the right to our cities.

He is also the data activist founder of Inside Airbnb, a mission driven project which provides free data on Airbnb’s impact on residential communities, and advocates for regulations that protect our neighbourhoods.

Murray and I gather to discuss his project Inside Airbnb, how it began, where Airbnb fits in the housing crisis, how Airbnb intentionally misleads the public, as well as racial discrimination evident on Airbnb's model. We talk about the various reports that Inside Airbnb has released over the years, digital nomadism, housing for all, the host-guest relationship, and the need to organize the neighbourhood.

It's important not to assume that because that housing is going to be more tenuous, that we need to be more mobile in our lives and our travel.

Show Notes

The Birth of a Housing Activist

Hacking Airbnb Data

Where Airbnb Fits in the Housing Crisis

Airbnb Intentionally Misleads NYC Public

Racial Discrimination in Airbnb Model

Platform Failures: How Airbnb Fails Cities

The Coming Crises

Digital Nomadism

Revisiting Housing and the Need of All

The Host-Guest Relationship

The (in)ability to Organize Locally

The Easiest Way Out and Courting Forgiveness, Empathy



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