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S4 #4

Feeding Those in Flight w/ No Name Kitchen (The Balkans)

On this episode, my guest is Barbara from No Name Kitchen, an independent movement working alongside the Balkans and the Mediterranean routes to promote humanitarian aid and political action for those who suffer the difficulties of extreme journeys and violent push-backs.

Their actions include medical care, distributions of food and clothes, legal support and the denunciation of abuses at the borders, where thousands of human beings keep suffering violence, fatigue and sickness during their migratory proceses.

No Name Kitchen was born in Belgrade by winter 2017 when a group of volunteers started cooking in Belgrade alongside the thousands of people who were fending for themselves after the closure of the Hungarian frontier. Since then, NNK supports those who suffer the lack of safe and legal pathways, collecting testimonies and denouncing the systematic use of institutional violence at the borders.

"We always say that we don't cross borders, borders crossed us, separate us." - Barbara from No Name Kitchen

Show Notes

No Name Kitchen: What’s in a Name?

Social Media as a Tool for Organizing

The Kitcheneers

It’s a Border Crisis, not a Migration Crisis

Why do People Seek Asylum in Europe

How the EU is Breaking its Own Laws

Border Violence in the Balkans

What are Pushbacks?

The Silence of Big-Name NGOs

From Hospitality to Hostility: A Story in Kladusa

Migrants as Puppets in Political Wars

The EU’s Racist Immigration Actions

The Lives of NNK’s Guests After the Border



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