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S4 #3

On the Lost Arts of Pilgrimage & Asking Permission

On this episode, my guest is Nick Hunt, the author of three travel books about journeys by foot, including Outlandish: Walking Europe's Unlikely Landscapes. His articles have appeared in The Guardian, Emergence, The Irish Times, New Internationalist, Resurgence & Ecologist and other publications. He works as an editor and co-director for the Dark Mountain Project. His latest book is an alternate history novel, Red Smoking Mirror.

"But what is the space between guilt and escapism?" - Nick Hunt

Show Notes

Awe and the Great Secret

On Focus, Sight and Subjectivity

The Almost Lost Art of Walking

Pilgrimage and the Half Way Point

What if Left of Old-School Hospitality in our Times?

When Borders Matter Less

Hospitality and Pain

The Costs of Interculturality

Asking Permission: On Not Being Welcome

Friendship, Hospitality, and Exchange



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