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S3 #6

The Hypermobile Medium is the Message | Andrew McLuhan (The McLuhan Institute)

My guest on this episode is Andrew McLuhan, an author and educator living in Bloomfield, Ontario. He writes and delivers speeches, classes, workshops on McLuhan methods and work, consults with individuals and companies on understanding McLuhan work in culture and technology and applying that work today to bring insight and new perception and understanding.

Andrew McLuhan is a grandson of Marshall McLuhan, noted Canadian professor from the University of Toronto who was a pioneer in the field of Media/Communications studies.  Andrew is director of The McLuhan Institute, founded in 2017 to continue the work begun by  Marshall McLuhan and carried on by Eric McLuhan in exploring and understanding culture and  technology. The McLuhan Institute preserves their family archive and collections, and focuses  on bringing forward and making accessible the practical tools for exploring and understanding  the nature and effects of human innovation so that we might be more conscious agents of change.

And we don't know what we don't know. We don't know what we don't perceive. - Andrew McLuhan

Show Notes

McLuhan Family Inheritance

Media Ecology and Media Literacy 101

Apprenticing Rate of Technological Change

Somnambulism and Hacking the Algorithm

Refusing Responsability

Travel as Medium: The Road, Wheel, and the Digital Suburb

The Perpetual Home Office

The Flaccid Digital Experience 

Sustainable Tourism - An Oxymoron

The Thunders in Finnegan’s Wake

Understanding Media Intensive and the Question of Education



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