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S5 #3

We Are Not Americans w/ Healani Sonoda-Pale (Ka Lahui Hawai'i)

My guest on this episode is Healani Sonoda-Pale, a Kanaka Maoli Human Rights advocate for Self-Determination and a Water Protector who has been organizing at the intersection of the indigenous struggle for liberation and environmental protection in Hawai'i. She is a member of the Red Hill Community Representation Initiative and the spokesperson of the Ka Lahui Hawaii Political Action Committee. Healani was born and raised on the island of O'ahu where she resides with her family.

When we talk about decolonization, when we talk about working against systems of oppression, it's really about us rebuilding our own systems that counter their systems. - Healani Sonoda-Pale

Show Notes

The Beauty of the Pandemic Shutdown in Hawai’i

The Fallout of the Lahaina Fires in West Maui

No Controls

Manufacturing the Authentic

Reopening for Tourism in the Midst of Catastrophe

Local Schism: Those in Favour and Those Against

The Tourism at the Heart of the Housing Crisis

Ka Lahui Hawai'i Political Action Committee

The Water Crisis in Oahu

Decolonizing Tourism is an Oxymoron

Solidarity with Kanaka Maoli



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