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The Death of Venice | Petra Reski (Venice)

My guest on this episode is Petra Reski, a German writer and journalist who has lived in Venice since 1991. As a result of her numerous publications on the Mafia, she was subjected to lawsuits and threats, which is why she received police protection for a while. She has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Ricarda Huch Prize in 2021, which is awarded every three years to personalities whose work is characterized by independent thinking and courageous action, and who are fully committed to the ideals of humanity and international understanding.

She has not only written novels, non-fiction books and numerous articles about her hometown of Venice, but also made a film already in 1998 with the prophetic title "The Last Venetians". Her most recent book is about the sell-out of Venice and has been published in Germany, Italy and France. She is a member of PEN and since 2018 has been driving a small fishing boat with which she can also park in reverse.

We are suffering from this monoculture of tourism. - Petra Reski

Show Notes

Everyday Life on an Overtouristed Island

The Last Venetians

The Fascist Political Rigging of Municipal Politics

Murano Glass and The Death of an Island

The Changes in Venice in the Last 30 Years

Taking Back Venice in the Pandemic

April 19, 2023 Collective Action & Referendum in Venic

The Loss of the Venetian Language

Once I Fell into the Grand Canal



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