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Responsibility, Repair and Radical Hospitality | Chris Christou

In this mini-episode, I offer up a little introduction into these extremely important themes, ones so often neglected in our time: responsibility, repair and radical hospitality. As locals and foreigners alike, depending on where we are at any given moment, the questions posed in the episode arise as necessary in order to understand where we actually are at any given moment, how we are in those places and with the people that surround us. These themes are the foundation for why the podcast was created in the first place. If given their proper place on the throne of our days, we might begin to dream the world anew, slowly coaxing it into reality. That is my hope. That is the work.

Hosted by Chris Christou

And we don't know what we don't know. We don't know what we don't perceive. - Andrew McLuhan

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