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S5 #6

Relearning Home & Hospitality w/ Manish Jain (Ecoversities)

On this episode, my guest is Manish Jain, a man deeply committed to regenerating our diverse local knowledge systems, cultural imaginations and inter-cultural dialogue. Inspired by MK Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore,  Ivan Illich, his illiterate village grandmother, his unschooled daughter, indigenous communities and Jain spiritual philosophy, he is one of the leading planetary voices for deschooling our lives and reimagining education. 

He has served for the past 25 years as Chief Beaver (ecosystems builder) of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development based in Udaipur, India and is co-founder of some of the most innovative educational experiments in the world - the Swaraj University, the Jail University, Complexity University, Tribal Farmversity, the Creativity Adda, the Learning Societies Unconference, the Walkouts-Walk-on network, Udaipur as a Learning City, the Families Learning Together network, Berkana Exchange.  He co-launched the global Ecoversities Alliance with 500+ members in 50 countries.

"What is the kind of work that is helping my community come alive? And what is the work that is regenerating our ecosystems?" - Manish Jain

Show Notes

Kidnapped by the American Dream

Grandma’s University

Reclaiming our Cultural Imagination

Cultural Imagination for the Culturally Homeless

The Radical and Exponential Power of Trust

Unlearning Cultural Appropriation in the Oral Tradition

Jugard, or “playful improvisation”

Being Reclaimed by Ancestors

Swaraj University - Money, Love, and Death

Alivelihoods and Deadlihoods

Traditions of Hospitality in Rajasthan




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