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S2 #7.2

Reflections: "Barbarians of Oaxaca: Get Out" | Chris Christou

This is the last episode of Season 2: Mexico: Fuera los Barbaros de Oaxaca. In honor of our late, dear friend and mentor, Gustavo Esteva, along with myself and fellow Unitierra Oaxaca Wendy Juarez, we have put together a series of reflections on this season, the episodes, and everything we have learned as a result. We want to thank you very much for listening to us, and we hope that the conversations we've had over the last six months have brought some clarity to the complexity surrounding the issues of tourism, exile, and radical hospitality in Mexico. The pod, as always, is a lot of work. This season we have had the help of friends: Adair from OjoViajero, Mim from MitamineLab, Patricia from Oaxaca and Human from Brazil.

Season 2 is dedicated to our late friend and mentor Gustavo Esteva, grandfather, sage, and co-founder of Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca, Mexico. These episodes have been planned and organized in collaboration with our colleagues from Unitierra Oaxaca.

They are dispatches of the resistance.


EoT Season 1, Episode 6.1: "The Conquest and the Great Escape" (with Gustavo Esteva)

EoT Season 1, Episode 6.2: "A World Where Many Worlds Belong" (with Gustavo Esteva)

Gustavo Esteva Essay: "Dealing With Our Own Shit" (Dark Mountain)

Gustavo Esteva Talk: Challenging the Institutional Production of Truth (Local Futures)


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