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S4 #5

The Many Faces of Exile in Exarcheia w/ Penny Travlou (Athens)

On this episode of the pod, my guest is Penny Travlou, a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Cultural Geography and Theory (Edinburgh School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art/University of Edinburgh). Her research focuses on social justice, the commons, collaborative practices, intangible cultural heritage and ethnography. She has been involved in international research projects funded by the EU and UK Research Councils.

For the past eight years, she has been working with independent art organisations in Colombia and most recently in the African continent to understand the commons from a decolonial perspective and to look at commoning practices within artistic forms while understanding the specificities of the commons rooted in various socio-cultural and geographical contexts. As an activist, she has been involved in a number of grassroots and self-organised initiatives on housing and refugees’ rights in Greece.

"Athens and Exarcheia in particular, the issue, it's very obvious. We are even now discussing that this thing is a bubble and sooner or later we will see that bursting because tourism is a product. Tourist locations are products and they have a lifespan." - Penny Travlou

Show Notes

Greek Elections and the Rise of the Ultra-Right

Exarcheia and the Student Uprisings of 1974

An Olympic Tourism Plan for Athens

Mass Tourism Consumption in Exarcheia

Government Plans to Dismantle Local Social Movements

The Greek Golden Visa

AARG and Community Action Against Gentrification

Fortress Europe

When Will the Bubble Burst?

Advice for Tourists; Advice for Organizing



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